In newly-built homes we install our Radiant Barrier product directly under the floor sheeting. However, once the house has already been built, our normal radiant barrier installation is not possible, unless you have a crawl space. The solution is that when the carpets or new hardwood floors are being installed, we lay our Radiant Barrier insulation product under the material being used. When tile is being installed, many times a thin board is placed over the floor sheeting so that the work area will be even. We install our Radiant Barrier insulation product between the old floor and the new thin board. We can also install our Radiant Barrier products underneath the floors of your existing house to help keep your floors warmer in the winters, and to stop the heat transfer. About 10% of your winter heat will transfer through your floors. Remember, heat chases the cold, or heat goes to the cold areas. In the winters the heat inside your home is always trying to get outside, and in the summers, the heat outside of your home is always trying to get inside your home. CONCRETE FLOORS Concrete floors can be very cold in the winter. They suck the energy right out of your home, or commercial building, and into the concrete and earth below. Installing our patented radiant concrete barrier product before pouring a concrete slab will greatly increase the comfort of any home or commercial building. Approximately 10% of your energy dollars pass through the floors. The other significant benefits of a radiant concrete barrier is that it protects against vapor and radon gas. Our Radiant Concrete Barrier product does not allow moisture to penetrate into the floors or the walls that are built in, or touching the earth, or ground. Water will not seep through our Radiant Concrete Barrier product. No more tarring and sealing walls. RADIANT-HEATED FLOORS Our patented Radiant Barrier products work perfectly with and are excellent for radiant-heated floors. When the radiant heat is turned on, without any radiant barrier in place, the heat that is being emitted is not only being dispersed into the room, but is also being pulled down into the ground, as well into the space above. The ground underneath the floor will always absorb the radiant heat you provide to it, consequently losing the system's efficiency, as well as drastically wasting your energy dollars. When we install our Radiant Concrete Barrier product under your concrete floor, it will reflect approximately 50% of the heat that would normally be absorbed by the earth, back up and into the area that you are heating. Saving your energy dollars and having a significantly more comfortable environment is the result of having us install our "energy efficient" Radiant Barrier products into your existing home, remodel or new construction project.
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