When planning the building of a new home, or the replacement of old siding on an existing structure, that is the best time to have us wrap your house with our amazing Radiant Barrier products. Often, at the Home and Garden shows our staff attends, we usually hear this same statement from hundreds of people: "I really wish we knew about your product sooner, when we were building our house". After a home has already been built, the only place we can install our Radiant Barrier products is in the attic, which, in itself, helps lower energy costs tremendously. If you really want a fantastic, comfortable home, with extremely low energy bills, there is only one way to do it. Contact theEnergyman and have us install our perforated, non- toxic Radiant Barrier around your whole house. This would include the floors, walls and attic. When we do this, the only breach for heat gain in the summers, or heat loss in the winters, would be the windows. However, we also have a solution for that. The house to the right is on top of an exposed mountain facing west. It offers a great view of the valley below, but the heat in the summers was brutal. So, before building their retirement home, the owners gave theEnergyman the plans to their 4,000 sq. ft. home in order to evaluate where our Radiant Barrier products would need to be installed. About 6 months later, after the home was fully completed, theEnergyman made a visit to see how the owners were enjoying their new home. They were informed that their total cooling bill was only $190.00 per month, while in contrast, their neighbors, who had built their home without any Radiant Barrier products, had huge energy bills of $600 to $900 per month. We certainly had another very happy customer. Remember, if you want the most perfectly energy-efficient home, call us for a free estimate and energy-efficiency consultation. You will then learn how affordable, quick and easy it is to have our complete "barrier" installed in your own home, greatly enhancing your comfort, and significantly lowering that constantly-rising energy bill.
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