Our Radiant Barrier products work extremely well on both flat roofs, as well as standard pitch roofs. Daryl, the owner of the house pictured here (lower picture) grew up there as a child. He recalled that the upstairs area that was once his bedroom was open and drafty, and that the ceiling was vaulted. As a child, during the summers, he could not sleep in his upstairs bedroom because it far too hot. Being an engineer, Daryl, clearly understood the scientific principals behind the use of radiant barrier, and had it installed under his new shingles. Although he knew it would work, he was not expecting the extent of the resulting dramatic difference that it made, and was quite surprised that the temperature dropped about 10-15 degrees in what was once his old bedroom. After 55 years, he could finally enjoy the upstairs rooms in the summertime. He then ordered our Radiant Barrier products in order to have them installed in his own home in town. Daryl is another one of our many extremely happy customers.
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